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      Enjoy a blast from the past and a few more recent videos from Eddie and the Showmen Squad Car to Tough Like Boston with the Standells. Click on name to play.

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Eddie and the Showmen
Eddie and the Showmen "Squad Car"
  Gloria by the Standells
The Standells "Dirty Water"

Standells American Bandstand
The Standells on "American Bandstand" with Dick Clark
  The Hollywood Palace
The Standells on "The Hollywood Palace"

The Standells on the Bing Crosby Show
The Standells on "The Bing Crosby Show"

  Standells Gloria Live 1966
The Standells "Gloria"

Rari by the Standells
The Standells "Rari"
  Riot on the Sunset Strip
The Standells in "Riot on the Sunset Strip"

Tough Like Boston with the Standells
Dick Dodd and and the Dodd Squad "Tough Like Boston"
  Gloria by The Standells
The Standells "Gloria"





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